Issyk-Kul Aurora Resort

Issyk Kul international library conference is annually carried out on the base of "Issyk-Kul Aurora" Sanatorium, located on a coast of a pearl of Kyrgyzstan, mountain nonfreezing Issyk-Kul lake. The sanatorium "Issyk-Kul Aurora" is one of the largest and comfortable health resorts of the Issyk-Kul coast.

The sanatorium is located on the large cosy and beautiful territory and represents the six-storied building with 149 comfortable rooms, among them: single - 35, double - 96, semi-lux - 9, lux - 7. All rooms have a view of the sea. Each number is equipped with furniture, has a refrigerator, the color TV set.

Contact Information :

Bulan-Sogottu village,

Issyk-Kul region,

Kyrgyzstan, 722315
Tel: +996 312 313187 (88)


To services of guests there are a secure parking for cars, public telephones with the international access, the Internet, a Transfer network, computers on territory of sanatorium. Amateurs of active leisure with skilled instructors may make fascinating walks in picturesque mountain gorges, ride the horses, scooters, dive with an aqualung, fly on a parachute, spend time in the sea on a yacht or the steam-ship.

In the evening it is possible to go on a disco to sit in restaurant or a bar, to listen to good music.

Various and tasty dishes of the European and national kitchen, your favorite music and dances, will not leave you indifferent. Tennis courts, swimming pool, volleyball, badminton, ski, a sports hall, a training complex, shower-rooms and massage well supplement your stay at conference. The sanatorium has the comfortable beaches with hire of boats, catamarans, yachts, scooters, diving suits, and aqualungs.

For participants of conference walks on lake by steam-ships are annually organized.

Mountain sea dry climate, natural mud and mineral water from the pore, multiplied on high professionalism of the medical personnel, will help with a raising of your vital tone and render favorable influence on your physical and emotional condition. Various medical procedures are included in cost of the pass.

Rest and safety of the guests are protected by the security service completed with highly skilled experts.


Issyk Kul Lake


Issyk Kul lake is one of the largest mountain lakes in the world both the most beautiful and the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in a northeast part of the republic between Northern Tan-Shan Kungej Ala-Too range and Terskej Ala-Too at height of 1609 m above sea level. The hollow of lake is surrounded from all sides by powerful mountain ranges.

Owing to the big depth of lake, water completely has not time to be cooled - the lake never freezes, unless at some coast. Issyk Kul in translation from Kyrgyz is "Hot lake". Ancient Kyrgyz called this pearl of the country "Tus Kul" i.e. " Salt Lake" for saltish taste of water which is not suitable for a drink neither for people, nor for animals.

Lake in figures:

Volume of water: 1738 km
The area of water surface: 6236 km
Extent of a coastal line: 688 km
Average depth: 278 m
The greatest depth: 668 m
Extent of lake (from the West to the East):182 km
Extent of lake (from the South to the North): 58 km


Issyk Kul lake belongs to lakes formed by tectonic way and owing to orographical isolation of a hollow - the climate here is peculiar, almost sea. It is softer, warmer, also more humid, than in other hollows of Tan-Shan, located at the same height. On a thermal mode Issyk-Kul is subtropical lake. Here, at coast of lake the summer is moderate warm, and the winter is not cold.

More than 80 rivers and rivulets-inflows flow into lake, but no one river carries away water of this azure lake, and this causes a congestion of salts (mineralization of water is 5,90 %).