Plenary Session

Rakhmatullaev M.A. Actual problems of library cooperation in the context of globalization

Battalova S.S. Libraries of Kyrgyzstan – cooperation for development

Orozova R. Increasing the capacity of libraries through children's reading promotion in Kyrgyzstan


Section I: Libraries and Information Resources in the Modern World of Science, Culture, Education and Business

Lutfillaev I.M., Lutfillaev M.Kh., Khasanov Sh.M. Development and implementation of virtual resources in the corporate libraries network

Chorshanbieva S. Role of the State Patent Technical Library in the development of educational and cultural policy in the libraries activities of Tajikistan

Bukhtoyarova D. The role of libraries in promoting the publication activity of scientists

Paramonov S.V. Thomson Reuters analysis of publication activity of scientists of Kyrgyzstan in international scientific journals: current situation and prospects of development

TUNC M. IEEE Xplore and World Ebook Library

Rosset A. E-Bilim: mobile digital library: Experience of the pilot project in Naryn


Section II: Reading, Literacy, Libraries: Family Reading as the Main Element of Reading Culture Improvement

Orozova R. UNICEF Project "Promotion of reading among young children in the Kyrgyz Republic"

Doolotova E.K. Social and educational support to children with special educational needs in Osh

Kerimova G. Promotion of reading among young children: UNICEF project

Mukasheva G. Mini-Library on summer pastures

Ganieva B. New trends in enhancing the prestige of reading among students

Konarova A. Children's Library – a new format: the children’s reading and the Internet

Alkanova Ch. Children's reading – the basis of public libraries activity in Chui region

Shabdanbekova R. The role of libraries in the development of the Kyrgyz language


Section III: Electronic Resources in the Modern Library and Information Space: Development, Cooperation and Collaboration

Pak I.N. The effectiveness of the scientific information retrieval and improvement of access to library resources: EBSCO Discovery services in the AUCA library

Sharipova V. Information resources and maintenance of an electronic catalog in the State Patent Technical Library of Tajikistan

Artemenko A. Electronic resources, new initiatives and new horizons of cooperation


Section IV: Continuing Professional Education in Library and Information Field: Problems and Solutions

Ganieva B.I. Training of highly qualified personnel in terms of reforming the information and library activities in Uzbekistan 

Shaimergenova T.A., Mukambetova G.I. Problems and prospects of the organization of continuing education of librarians in Kyrgyzstan in the modernization of library science 

Davletyarova N.A. Library manager – management of librarians training in a modern library


Project Presentations

Kireyeva E. Space Maker: library space - a new perspective 

Djailkanova M. The Association of Electronic Libraries of Kyrgyzstan: history and prospects of development

Mamutova N. Open Educational Resources: a new reality for universities of Kyrgyzstan 

Sharshenbaeva A.J. Through the prism of time ... 

Tagaeva B. Tolerance – the norm in a diversity world