9th International Conference "Issyk-Kul 2008. Libraries and Democratization of Society" 


The main topic of the Conference is "Information infrastructure, interlibrary cooperation and international collaboration"


The "Issyk-Kul - Aurora" resort, Bulan-Sogotuu, Kyrgyzstan

October 1-4, 2008



Oct 1 2008, Wednesday


1.00 pm                   Departure from K.Baialinova Library


5.00-7.00 pm            Allocation


7.00 pm                   Dinner


Oct 2 2008, Thursday


9.00-9.30 am           Registration


9.30-10.00 am         Opening Ceremony:

Battalova, S.S: President of Library and Information Consortium of Kyrgyzstan;

Obozova, T.Zh: Vice-minister of Culture and Information of KR;

Kulikova, G.A: Deputy of Zhogorku Kenesh (Parliament) of KR; Vice- chairman of Education, Science and Culture Committee of Parliament of KR

Isaev, K.N: Governor of Issyk Kul Region;

Mark Cameron: Head of Public Relations Department, USA Embassy in Kyrgyzstan;

Iosipenko N.V.: Administrative Assistant,Public Relations Office of Worldbank of KR.

10.00-11.00 am       Welcome


11.00-11.30 am       Coffee break


11.30 am-13.00 pm  Session: "Libraries - the basis of united informational area of

                              civic society" (moderator - Battalova, S.S)

"Legal aspects of Kyrgyz libraries activities and international practice"

Kulikova, G.A: Deputy, Parliament of KR.

"Libraries in changing society - results of the first public library forum"

Bakashova, Zh.K: Head of National Library of KR.

"Library activity on research university development"

Gudakovska,I: Head of Library, Latvia University.

"The role of university libraries in informational culture formation of future specialists"

Davlet'iarova, N.A: Head of  I.Arabaeva University Library.

"Informational provision of education process of Abuali ibn Sina Tadjik State Medical University Library, and its role in public health"

Boltaeva, L.Kh: Vice-director of Abuali ibn Sina Tadjik State Medical University Library, Tajikistan.

"Scientific Library as the center of documenting informational resources on culture and art"

Akhmedova, M: Research officer of Library Science and History of Book Department of Culture and Art Center, Tajikistan.

"Features of specialized libraries in up-to-date informational environment

Mezheritskaya, V.I: Head of Health Center Development of KR 

"Problems and ways of library service for people from blocks"

Abdyldaeva, K: Head of Central Library. Bishkek.

"Rural Library - vital important informational center" 

Saparalieva, T: Head of Central Library, Bakai-Ata region.

1.00-2.30 pm           Lunch break


2.30-4.00 pm           Session "Cooperation and international collaboration: the way to

                              success" (moderator Iosipenko, N.B)

"Ch. Aitmatov and "Foreign Literature" Journal"

Vasil'eva, L.N: Member of editorial board of "Foreign Literature" Journal

"Activity of the WorldBank in Central Asia: informational opportunities"

Sydykov, K, CARO.

"Partnership of informational and resource centers of WB and Economic Research Center 

Mukhtarova, R, Uzbekistan.

"ИЦР - partner initiative of donors

Shaimergenova, G, Coordinator, National Library of Kazakhstan.

"International collaboration Of National Library of KR"

Alipova, K: Vice-Director, National Library of KR.


4.00-4.30 pm           Coffee break      


4.30-6.00 pm

"Libraries of professional and technical education collaboration with public libraries of Kyrgyzstan"

Trubchaninova, N: Head of Proffessional Colledge No.94, Bishkek.

"Opportunities of "American Center" Patrons"

Medet kyzy N: Head of K.Baialinov Center.

"Informational Resources of International Organizations in the "Information for development"

Azhibaeva, I: Head of K. Baialinov Center.

"Efforts and interaction with local community - the way to library development"

Shermatova, O: Vice-Director of Culture Department, Aravan Region.

"Training on legal literacy in informational center of WB"

Mukasheva, G. Head of Library, Ton region.


Oct 3 2008, Friday


9.00-11.00 am        Session "ИКТ in Library and Informational activity"

                             (moderator  - Sarybaeva, N.N)

"EastView Electronic Databases - subscription, access, use"

Vetkalov, F.F: General Director "IVIS", Russia

"Integration of information technologies and library services in AUCA"

Battalova, S.S: Head AUCA, Kyrgyzstan

"Electronic Informational resources - higher education"

Turdukeeva, R.A, Head Karasaeva Humanities University Library, Kyrgyzstan

"Implementation of innovative methods of work of Chui regional model libraries"

Turkmenova, E.M: special representative on Culture and art Development in Chui Region

11.00 -11.30 am      Coffee Break


11.30 -1.00 pm

"Unification of Library and Informational resources of university libraries of KR"

Sarybaeva, N.N: Head ofI.Razzakov University library.

"Electronic Library: New literature of KR"

Bondarenko, O.Ia.: President of Support of Authors Civic Fund

"State Patent Technical Library to electronic library of future"

Abdrakhmanova, N.M: Databases Manager, State Patent Technical Library, Kyrgyzstan

"Using of State Patent Technical Library Internet resources"

Arslanova, N.M: Head of Electronic Information State Patent Technical Library, Kyrgyzstan

1.00 -2.30 pm          LunchBreak


2.30-4.00 pm           Presentation of Informational products

"New books for children"

Sultangazieva, R.K: Head of K.Baialinov Library, Kyrgyzstan

"Security of Library collections"

Myrzaeva, B.M: Head of Osh Regional Library, Kyrgyzstan

"Informational products of State Patent Technical Library"

Baklykova, L.A: Head ofState Patent Technical Library, Kyrgyzstan

4-00 pm                  Coffee Break


8.00 pm                  Evening of Kyrgyz Culture



Oct 4 2008, Saturday


9.00-10.00 am         Projects Presentations

"Reservation of book memorials in KR"

Pak, I: Executive Director of Kyrgyz Library Informational Consortium, Kyrgyzstan

"Golden Collection of Zh.Balasagyn University Library"

Dzhailkanova, M.K: Head of Zh.Balasagyn National University Library, Kyrgyzstan

"Safety of book memorials: discussions on training for specialists"

Shaimergenova, T.A: Head of Information systems, archive and library science department, prof. of Karasaeva Humanities University, Kyrgyzstan

"World-wide literary heritage of Ch.Aitmatov and libraries"

Turkmenova, E.M: special representative on Culture and art Development in Chui Region, Kyrgyzstan

10.00-11.00 pm       Conclusion

Discussion on international collaboration in the field of library and informational activity (project discussions)



1.00-2.00 pm           Lunch


3.00 pm                  Departure